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Premium Domains For Sale

As I get older, I’m looking to simplify my life.… [...]

Trump Said a LOT of Crazy Shit

In his tweets the past four years… Let’s examine them:… [...]

The One Thing We All Learned

From the 2020 Elections [...]

Donald Trump Proved Many Things

The most important of which is [...]

You Voted For This Because Trump Is Mean?

Well then you are a real special kind of stupid! [...]

Premium Domains Is For Sale

As I get older, I’m looking to simplify my life.… [...]

Liberal Logic

Brought to Texas from California, New York & Illinois [...]

Toxic Masculinity

Saving Pussies From Extinction for Centuries [...]

Courageous, No. Sick, Yes!

And so are any of you that think this is… [...]

Make No Mistake About It

Liberal politicians hate Texas And will continue to flood the… [...]

Treat Every Gun As Loaded

And every Liberal as Stupid [...]


These images can go on the front or back of… [...]

Welcome To Texas

Don’t screw it up with your politics that screwed up… [...]

When Chuck Norris Attends A Feminist Rally

He comes back with his shirt ironed and a ham… [...]